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rental fleet of floor scrubbers, floor sweepers, and concrete prep equipment. The photo shows machines from multiple different brands, these brands include tennant, powerboss, and factorycat. The photo is taken inside the warehouse of Allied Flooring Solutions in Arlington TX


What areas do you cover?

Our first location opened in Dallas/Fort Worth TX in October 2022. We are currently expanding and opening locations in Houston, San Antonio, Baton Rouge LA, and Nashville TN. That said, we cover a large geography which includes the bulk of Texas and adjoining areas. 

What is the best way to rent flooring equipment from Allied?

Simple! We have a no stress rental process. Just call our office number and we will be glad to walk you through the process and get you the equipment you need. 

Do you rent to anyone? Or do I need a business name?

We primarily rent to other business entities, but offer rentals to all customers. Whether its a large business, small contractor, or DIY homeowner. We cater to all needs. 

Can you service my owned equipment?

Certainly! Allied Flooring Solutions offers a full breadth of service solutions available to all customers. See our "service" page for more info. 

Do your rent equipment by the hour?

Our typical rental rates are based on a Day, Week, and Month structure. We do not rent machines by the hour. 

Do you offer long term rentals or leases?

Yes! Allied Flooring Solutions offers flexible rates, complete maintenance packages, and long term as well as leasing options. Call or Email us to learn more? 

Where can I see your Rental Rates?

Every project is unique and requires a proper solution. That being said, we are less interested in getting a deal than we are in getting you the right equipment. You may want to rent a certain piece of equipment and see the rate online and decide the price is too high. But if you call us and describe your need our experts can supply you with the perfect machine to do your job. Saving you time and money! 

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